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December 2011

Fascinating Exhibition - Last Few Days

The Power of Making is still on at London's Victoria and Albert Museum, it's free to enter, but it closes on the 2 January, so it's the last few days now for you to head over to see it!
I went to see it yesterday and loved it, the exhibition is designed to highlight the skills involved in creating items from everyday household items to unusual art works. The focus is very much on how the items were made, which as a maker myself was fascinating. There is everything on show from a dry stone wall, oversized knitted 'Aran Rug', carved wooden masks to a cardboard table, ceramic eye patch and some really fascinating desktop sized 3D modelling machines that can create your own designs in a variety of plastic and other materials...
A true showcase of highly skilled craftsmanship from all around the world, both amatuer and professional, with a collection of the highest quality and most fascinating of traditional, but still very relevant and valuable skills, to unusual spins on everyday skills and the growing array of cutting edge techniques, both completely new and adapted from traditional skills.
If you get a chance to visit the exhibition, I'd very much recommend it; make sure to look closely at the exhibits and their labels - they take on a whole new life once you look closely and start to think about the process and item on more than a surface level. You may well come out looking at the objects around you in a whole new way and excited about creating your own artworks, whatever your chosen techniques are, or about learning new techniques yourself.
I loved the exhibition and found it very inspirational - it's given me an added impetus to continue improving my own skills.