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What do I Teach?

I love working with a variety of different techniques and materials, so i now teach a wide range of different jewellery making techniques. If you're a complete beginner or not sure where to start i can plan a day for you based on what has worked well for other students, or you can pick and mix projects or techniques from the variety shown below to suit your own interests or skill gaps.

Click on the titles to see more different project ideas for each category.

SIlver clay is a relatively new product made from silver particles to create a clay like substance - shape and model it just like ceramic or modelling clay, but then fire it to leave a pure solid silver item.

I can show you some good ways working with the clay - in a day we can cover the basics of using the lump clay, making pendants earrings or charms, simple stone setting, joining elements of clay together, as well as firing and finishing the pieces ready for you to wear home.

The many ways of stringing different beads and gems form the base of a lot of jewellers skills, whether you plan to just work with beads, or would like to use these skills alongside other materials and techniques.

From using memory wire to make wrap around bracelets, simple elastic bracelets, to stringing simple and more advanced necklaces with multiple rows or fringes and creating rings and earrings. I can also show you how to do traditional pearl / gemstone knotting.

Working with cord, thread and yarns is a great way to make effective and colourful jewellery, and knotted friendship bracelets particularly are also very fashionable at the moment.

I love working with cords and can show you a variety of different bracelet styles inspired by the Shamballa bracelet trend, as well as using 'French Knittng', plaiting and other macrame knotting techniques to create a range of fun and unusual bracelets and necklaces. I can also show you how to do traditional pearl / gemstone knotting.

Kumihimo as a general term covers a wide range of braiding techniques developed over centuries in Japan. I love braiding and find this a fascinating area to work in with never ending variations and different patterns and structures to explore.

I can get you started on your own exploration of braiding with a starter day showing you how to create three different braid structures using a foam braiding disc or Marudai (braiding stool). as well as creating a finished braided bracelet using beads woven into the braid to further embelish it. I'm happy to also work with more advanced beginners exploring more different structures on the Marudai.

If you have an eye for detail and love intricate designs, stitched beadwork, also called beadweaving could be for you! It's created using small glass seed beads, with just a needle and thread to create gorgeous intricate jewellery and other items,

In a typical starter day i would suggest you created a three row bracelet that would allow you to try your hand at three simple stitches including Spiral Staircase and St Petersburg Chain. We will also discuss how the basic stitches can be adapted for different looks and effects. I also work with intermediate students on a variety of other projects and patterns i've designed to introduce other stitches such as Right Angle Weave, Peyote Stitch, Brick Stitch or Netting.