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About Me
PitstopX Jewellery is the trading name of me; Penny Akester. I live in London UK working as a freelance jewellery making teacher and jeweller. I have over 18 years experience in designing and making silver, semi precious and mixed media jewellery.
Penny Akester - Owner and Jewellery Teacher at PitstopX Jewellery

From making friendship bracelets at school, I became interested in beads, bead jewellery and beadwork, which led me to start making both bead and silver jewellery as a teenager. I first made silver jewellery at evening classes and summer schools, before going on to complete a degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing at Loughborough University, and I have continued to develop and expand my skills ever since. 
I started teaching in 2009 and am a qualified adult education teacher, registered with the Institute for Learning. Since becoming qualified I enjoyed teaching jewellery making and crafts to a variety of types of groups and classes, which led me to launch my own jewellery workshops in April 2010.
I have a strong interest in traditional and contemporary forms of body decoration and adornment, and my love of jewellery is part of this. I am fascinated by the ways we use decoration and dress to express ourselves. 
My jewellery is often inspired by the materials I use, especially when I find beautiful unusual gems to incorporate into a piece, as well as taking inspiration from repeating patterns, both those found in nature and manmade ones, as well as my surroundings in central London, where I love the eclectic mix of architecture, cultures and people.
All jewellery for sale has been designed and carefully handmade by me in London UK using top quality materials, is hallmarked when appropriate and gift packaged.